Mountaineer Notes, May 20, 2015

Plan your 5-minute hearing screening TOMORROW May 21. Our Speech Language Pathologists will be conducting hearing screenings for ALL Madison County Schools employees and Board members from 4:00- 5:30pm on Thursday, May 21st at the School Board office in room 10.  This event will be a first-come-first-served arrangement.  Contact Kacie Burke (WYES), Andi Yeager (MPS) or Deborah Atkins (MPS) at their respective schools to schedule a hearing screening if you can’t make it.

Jeans for Troops Day to Honor Memorial Day: May 28.

Margorie CurtisSummer School Nurse. Margorie Curtis, WYES nurse, has agreed to provide nursing care during summer school. Cuts, scrapes, and other medical needs will be cared for as our students remediate and enrich their academic and social skills.

Shelby Gohn, Shanna Kline, Janine Rowson, and Melissa Stephenson all finished or are on their last exam for the Google Educator Program.  With these four, the following folks from throughout the division are now signed up to attend the Google Summit at the end of the summer, which requires the completion of at least the Google Docs/Drive and Google Sites courses and exams:

  • Kimberly Adams
  • Taylor Aylor
  • Marissa Basile
  • Christy Black
  • Tom Butterworth
  • Ryan Campbell
  • Tina Cropp
  • Laura Daniel
  • Emily Everard
  • Liz Ford
  • Tori Gelbert
  • Mary Anne Hankla
  • Renee Honaker
  • Jacob Houser
  • Shannon Johnston
  • Claire Keith
  • Jeanne Kerstiens
  • Misty Kolb
  • Joe Kubricki
  • Devin Milbourne
  • Pam Nelson
  • Philip Nobblitt
  • Erin O’Leary
  • Jackie Ovalle
  • Pattie Reese
  • Jennifer Rehm
  • Corey Rudd
  • Jessica Sarver
  • BB Slaven
  • Julie Smith
  • Jarrod Tanner
  • Tim Taylor
  • Katie Walker
  • Tina Weaver
  • Todd Whitaker
  • Megan Yezzo

The two-day Google Summit is being hosted by the Technology Department in collaboration with Education Collaborators and CDW-G and will feature several nationally renowned speakers/trainers and will focus on how to effectively “Go Beyond the Classroom” utilizing the tools that we have already available in the district.  The topics will cover areas such as “Going Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom using Digital Media”, “Digital Literacy and Search Strategies”, “Global Connections”, and “How to Make the Most of Personal Learning Networks”.  This pilot professional development program, created by Wetsel Principal Tim Taylor and Director of Technology Ryan Campbell, has received praise from leadership within Google as being an “example of exemplary PD and culture,” and is something we are hoping to build and expand upon in the future.

STEAM TowerMPS Art and STEAM teacher Danelle Nutter recently challenged students to build the tallest free standing tower possible that would hold a toy animal. Students worked in cooperative groups as they designed and built their towers. Mrs. Nutter provided each group with 100 wood planks for the project, and systematically reviewed the First Grade standards of counting by ones, fives, and tens; and grouping objects in sets of ten. Students exhibited outstanding teamwork skills, and were quite excited to participate in the activity.

Congratulations to the following Track athletes that earned All Bull Run District honors last week at the District Track meet:

  • Dre Twyman – 2nd in Triple Jump, 2nd in High Jump, 3rd in Long Jump, 3rd in 400m
  • Rashawn Turner – 2nd in 800m
  • 4x800m Relay (Zach Gibson, Thomas Pierson, Rashawn Turner, Rodney Fox) finished 2nd
  • Logan Coates – 3rd in Triple Jump
  • Katie Berry – 2nd in 400m

Congratulations to our Softball and Boys Soccer teams for advancing to the District semi-finals.

Jump Rope 1`Jump Rope for Heart.  MPS P.E. teacher, Ben Breeden, recognized students Tristen Eichelberger, Calvin Weaver, Will Miller, Lillie Ann Woodward, Tylee Coates, Autumn Long, Shawn Manuel, Antonio Ovalle, Alijah Settle, William Dickey for earning $200 or more for Jump Rope for Heart!  First grade student, Harper Heffner, was the overall winner by collecting $440!  The students were fascinated by Autumn Long’s story.  Thanks to the American Heart Association she is heart-healthy today.

A special thank you to the Waverly cafeteria staff for helping us during SOL testing.  They were gracious enough to prepare lunches to be distributed to students in the classroom when testing was interrupted.  We are very proud of the teamwork and flexibility that was displayed to ensure that students received lunch while waiting for the testing issues to be resolved.

Over the past two weeks, Shawn McDonough and Sam Utz in collaboration with Director of Testing Shelby Gohn, have been busy ensuring that Division testing runs smoothly.  Because of their efforts testing has run as smooth as it ever has at WYES and WMS!

Yearbook CoverMCHS yearbooks arrived this week and were distributed Tuesday.  Congratulations to the yearbook staff and Mr. Phil Nobblitt for the countless hours that were spent in getting this publication ready.  The book looks amazing, another edition to be proud of.

The band held their final band concert Monday night.  The band had an outstanding performance.  Thanks go out to Mike Allen and Alicia Strickler for their efforts.  But the biggest thanks go out the band members who showcased their skills that they have developed over the year.

For the second year in a row a student under the tutelage of Lisa Wagner has won first place in the Memorial Day Contest.  This year the overall first place winner in the essay category was Almus Davis.  Congratulations to Almus and Mrs. Wagner for a job well done!

Smokey the BearSmokey the Bear Poster Contest Winner. First grade student, Caroline Wright, was recognized for her Smokey the Bear poster.  She won first place at the district level!  The students were fortunate to have a visit from Smokey the Bear himself!

MCHS prom was a huge success including after prom at WYES.  Jessica Gooch and Emily Kline worked all year to make a memorable night for our students at the Daniel Center.  In addition, a huge thanks goes to Brenda Aylor and all the parent volunteers at after-prom.  Our students stayed safe and had fun doing it.

Waverly Yowell fifth grade students will be touring Wetsel Middle School next Tuesday, May 26th. They will also be invited to come out to 6th grade orientation Wednesday, June 3rd at 6PM. The two events will help assist in making the transition to middle school an easier one.

Tree PlantingOn Thursday, May 14, as part of the Third Grade Agriculture fieldtrip, students planted a tree behind Waverly Yowell School.  Madison County extension agent, Adam Downing, talked to the students about the importance of trees in the environment and their part in ensuring that this renewable resource was maintained.  Students then boarded school buses to tour local farms to learn about farming first hand. This fieldtrip was the culminating experience for third graders of a yearlong study of agriculture and the production of food.

MCHS teacher Lisa Taylor arranged visit to the Crime Museum in Washington DC where our students experienced an awesome interactive lab with the graduate students of George Washington University.

Coaster 1Jessica Gooch’s Physics classes will be competing in Kings Dominion’s Science Day Coaster Mania Contest this Friday, May 22. Teams of four have designed and are building their roller coasters this week.  Coaster progress is shown below. GOOD LUCK TEAMS!

Coaster 2

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