Mountaineer Notes, September 14, 2016

Students in Kim Adams’ 6th grade Science class interrogated the intricacies of physical and chemical change by rotating among 6 mini-lab stations. To the delight of some, they were able to consume one of their observations – the chemical change that takes place in pancake making process.

Students in Tyler Woodward’s 6th grade history class demonstrated their understanding of Native American culture by creating projects on Google Slides.  Students analyzed the use of natural, human, and capital resources used by Native American’s located in Pre-Columbian North America.  The slideshow was presented to fellow classmates to help reinforce previously learned material and display advanced understanding of the subject matter.

Fourth grade students showed their knowledge of Virginia and its bordering states.  Students worked collaboratively to take the states of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maryland and put them together as a puzzle.  They used the saying “Nancy Talked Kindly With Mary” to help them remember the order the states border Virginia starting south of the state and moving clockwise.

Wetsel Middle School and MCHS will be participating for the third year in the National Program, Signs of Suicide, in the coming months.  This program is proven to help support students who are going through difficult times, teaching them how to get involved and not ignore symptoms even if it makes them feel uncomfortable to talk about it with others.  Amanda Storvick, Casey Stanton, and Kaitlyn Schmitt will be leading the program along with our school counselors, Erin O’Leary, Corey Rudd, Celinda Bailey and Hilary Stanton. The program will be presented to all 6th and 9th graders, and all new students.  Thank you for supporting our students.

marble-and-rulerArt teacher, Katie Gigliotti, is pushing into science classes to conduct STEAM activities with students.  She was in Chris Donner’s class engaging students in three activities that focused on making predictions.  Students rotated through three centers.   One had students predicting how many books could be piled on top of a variety of paper shapes.  A second center had students predicting what happens when vinegar and food coloring is added to baking soda, and the third center had students predicting what would happen if two marbles were placed a ruler and a third marble was rolled into them.  Students were very engaged and excited to see if their predictions came true.

The Athletic Department received a $500 grant from the State Farm Companies Good Neighbor Grant Program. Thank you to State Farm employee Kama Price for working with Athletic Director Phil Warren on this grant.

Congratulations to the Varsity Football team on their thrilling come from behind win over East Rockingham on Friday Night. Trailing 32-31 with just 2:50 left in the game, the Mountaineers drove the ball the length of the field and Eric Cashman kicked an 18 yard field goal with just 4 seconds left to give Madison the 34-32 win. The Mountaineers are now 2-1 on the year and will play at home next Friday night (Sep 23) against Warren County. This will be Homecoming so come out and support the Mountaineers.

Congratulations to the Boys Cross Country team for beating Fluvanna last week 17-45. Madison’s Zach McLearen, Joe Chung and Ben Dillon finished as the top 3 runners in the meet.

The Volleyball team went 1-1 last week beating Orange 3-0 on Tuesday and dropping their match versus Luray on Thursday. Madison is now 3-3 on the year and open up Bull Run District play starting this week.


MPS students have been doing an excellent job showing Respect, Safety, and Responsibility upon arrival. While greeting students, they respond kindly and respectfully, eagerly engaging in conversation and (if you’re lucky) telling the most fantastic stories. When it’s time to head to class, they do so with safe walking feet, heading directly to their destination in a responsible manner. The entire staff has done a phenomenal job of teaching the expectations, as it is very evident that our students know and practice them daily and are happily thriving in this positive and encouraging community, well-established here in Madison County.


madison-libraryDuring the first 2016-17 school-wide assembly at MPS, Madison County Librarian, Bonnie Utz, along with school principal, Mike Coiner, posed for a picture with second grade student, Calvin Weaver, as he received a tablet for reading a total of 24 hours or 1, 440 minutes over the summer. A total of 27,810 minutes were read by other participants from grade K-2 this summer. MPS is thankful for the community’s library support and incentives they offer to keep our students reading not only throughout the school year, but during the summer break as well! Madison County’s students continue to flourish with the continued support of our community, parents, teachers, volunteers, and administrators.

dahlRoald Dahl’s 100th birthday.  Students and teachers had a Dahlicious Day at WYES!  As a way to celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday, students and teachers dressed up as a character from one of his books, wore yellow, and read stories written by him.  Our very own Willy Wonka was here!  Pictured is 3rd grader, Alijah Settle. 

MPS enjoyed a visit from Superintendent Eberhardt and the Madison County School Board this past Friday and were treated to a tour of the school from our Second Grade Ambassadors; Anna Thompson, Nathaniel Lawrence, Piper Lohr, and Weston Lillard. School Board members were able to see every classroom, and one preschool student asked, “What are all these presidents doing here?”  After the tour, our ambassadors joined the board members for a tasty doughnut treat. Thank you to the School Board for making school visits a priority and to our ambassadors for being such wonderful hosts.


Over 150 Waverly Yowell students and staff stayed after school last Thursday to play a friendly game of kickball. Students showed great sportsmanship and had a great time!

Studying the role of the government in our economy and stepping into the shoes of economic decision-makers, MCHS students in Shannon Johnston’s Economics and Personal Finance classes were asked to perform a cost-benefit analysis on minimum wage in Virginia. Students were tasked with researching the effects of the current minimum wage in Virginia and developing a “proposal” for the Virginia General Assembly.  Teams explored issues surrounding the establishment of minimum wage, Virginia’s cost of living, and the economic impact of increases in other States before generating their proposal.  Classmates completed peer evaluation forms to provide feedback for each team.  The general consensus was that VA should very gradually increase the minimum wage to meet the cost of living; however, many teams proposed that minimum wage be kept the same for Virginia. 

bandThis past weekend MCHS band members Laura Gallihugh, Emily Hunt, Mckenzie Love, and Joseph Phillips reunited with alumni Allie LeFon and Ailee Roberts to perform with the Marching Royal Dukes at JMU Band Day

VTSS Coaches from each school will be meeting every month to advance our schools in the Tiered Systems of Support by working with the State to ensure every student experiences support and success.  The teams are collaborating and problem solving student behaviors in the classroom as well as making school wide expectations clear to students and staff. Special thanks to our coaches this year: Karen Organ Lohr, Nicole Keys, Erin O’Leary and Carrie Sacra.  Division Level Coach Casey Stanton will be organizing meetings and will be lending support to school teams with Sarah Dillon.


rockThe class of 2017 officers at MCHS kicked off the school year by painting the senior rock.  They have been busy planning events, designing the senior shirt, and organizing decorations for the senior hall for Homecoming.  Pictured with the senior rock are Makayla Gardiner-Alger, Riley Loyd, Principal Gary Wintersgill, Mary-Kate Carpenter, and Jenny Zhang.



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