Mountaineer Notes, November 23, 2016

mcef-grants-5MCHS would like to thank the Madison County Education Foundation for their generosity with supporting educational efforts at the high school.  The following teachers received grants for their ideas:

  • Mark Arrington — Swinging into a Lifetime of Fitness
  • Julie Heffron and Michael Gabany — The Answer My Friend Is Blowing in the Wind
  • Becca LaVoie — GAMES – Games as Meaningful Education
  • Ashleigh Pugh and WMS art teacher Tiffany Kitner  — Pug mill for clay wedging
  • Math Department – – Gizmos for Education – 2 year license  

thanksgiving-dinnerSpecial thanks to MCHS teacher and SCA Advisor Shannon Johnston, MCHS SCA,  Home-School Coordinator Amanda Storvick and MCPS Guidance Counselors as they worked together to provide a Thanksgiving meal to 12 families in our schools for Thanksgiving.  Many thanks to you all for caring for our students and working together to make this happen!  Madison is a wonderful place full of caring teachers, students and staff!!

Madison Primary School hosted its annual Native American PBL Night this past Thursday evening.  It was a booming success! Over 300 parents and relatives turned out to see the students’ projects, and to hear their very well put together presentations. We are so proud of our Second Grade students for working so hard, and for designing such wonderful projects. Also a big thank you to our Second Grade teachers for all of their hard work in support of this project.       

focusonthefuture_printThe Center for Gifted Education’s 2017 Focusing on the Future Student Conference will be held on Saturday, February 4, 2017 from 8:45 a.m.–3:00 p.m. The event will expose high-ability learners in grades 6–12 to career opportunities in various professional fields. The event will be held at William & Mary’s School of Education, located at 301 Monticello Avenue, Williamsburg, VA 23185. All students must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or group chaperone. All participants must register for the event, and the registration deadline is January 13, 2017. Additional information and the conference application are available on the Center for Gifted Education’s website:

mexican-gray-wolfPBL is the focus in 3rd grade Waverly.  In science classes, students are researching an endangered animal of their choice.  All of their interesting facts are entered into a template found in Google classroom.  Students will add drawings of their animals and once completed, all templates will be combined into a book.

sro-eanesFifth grade classes recently finished the DARE program with School Resource Officer Drew Eanes. All students received a certificate, t-shirt, and water bottle upon completion. Students were also required to submit an essay explaining why it is important to be drug and alcohol free. One essay from each class was selected, and that student received a DARE bookbag.

In social studies, Waverly students have been placed in teams and assigned an explorer.  Students research their explorers and find a variety of interesting facts.  They then draw a life size picture of their explorer to be used when presenting their facts to the class.

math-and-history-3Several Thanksgiving meals at the School Board Office were prepared by students from MCHS and WYES on two separate days.  MCHS teachers Stuart Dean and Carrie Sacra assisted the first team from MCHS to prepare a delicious meal that they shared together with a lovely tablescape.   After discussing the history of the first Thanksgiving, they chose their menu, found recipes, and created a grocery list.  They traveled to Food Lion where they used their math skills to select the best value to stay on budget.  Students prepared a turkey breast, crock pot mac & cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, ice tea, and punch.  For dessert, they made pumpkin, dutch apple, and chocolate pudding pies.  The second team were students from MCHS teacher Rachael Sheinfeld’s and WYES teacher Karen Rice’s classes who have been pen pals this school year.  Another delicious meal was prepared along with crafts and decorations and a special Thanksgiving fried rice!  ALL student were courteous and respectful and also did a great job of cleaning up!  Thank you for this excellent cross-school experience for our students!!

Pony Express.  The Pony Express delivered letters to Waverly Yowell students!  While waiting for them to arrive, students did the wave thanks to 5th grade teacher, Chris Donner.  To make literacy meaningful, high school students wrote letters to Waverly pen pals about Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.  Students were excited to receive their letters and can’t wait to write back.  We would like to thank Waverly Yowell librarian, Rebecca Jasman and MCHS English teacher, Jennifer Brockman for coordinating this event. 

Kindergarten teachers and staff hosted a most impressive Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday at MPS. Kindergarteners enjoyed learning about Pilgrims and Native Americans and ended their unit of study with a special time complete with bonnets, headbands, quills and papoose.  All mini Pilgrims and Native Americans came together to share a delicious feast, too.  What a special way for students to share learning, food and friendship. Special thanks to the parent volunteers that made this day complete!


autumn-care-3Last Friday, the Moving Mountains Club at MCHS made its first visit to Autumn Care nursing home to play board games with residents.  Residents and club members enjoyed time spent together playing Sorry and Connect 4.  A second game night is planned for December.

mchs-give-thanks-1The MCHS SCA is sponsoring an effort to encourage all members of the MCHS community to express thanks this week.  We invite all to take a moment and write a word of thanks on the banner that is hanging in the cafeteria. We’re looking forward to bringing our MCHS community together in thanks!  mchs-give-thanks-2







I am thankful for an amazing group of people to work with each day and all of the opportunities that I have to learn and grow.  I am thankful for the teachers who teach because they want to make a difference in the lives of students.  I am thankful that I can call Madison my home. – Heidi Lohr, Supervisor of Student Services


I am grateful for the amazing people I am blessed to work with.  I am grateful for the amazing students we have.  I thank every member of our school families who make a difference for students – every day, anyway.  What we have here is unlike other places, so unique – making Madison so special.  Everyone I work with and see on a daily basis makes me proud to be here.  I thank my school family … so proud to be in Madison. – Matt Eberhardt, Superintendent

thanksgiving-2016-2I am thankful for our staff. I’ve worked in many different environments, but none has the camaraderie of MCPS. When you work with a group of people that have one goal in mind of “kids first,” coming to work is pure joy. Even on days when it’s seems like nothing is going right, I know I can catch up with someone to remind me that life is good. –Sam Utz, Director of Technology

thanksgiving-2016-8I am thankful for the amazing kids and faculty at Wetsel! We are truly a family and the kids smiling faces make coming to work enjoyable and something I look forward to everyday. I will truly miss my Wetsel family when I am out, which is something I am definitely thankful for! – Tori Gelbert, Wetsel Assistant Principal

thanksgiving-2016-12I am thankful for the many Madison teachers who provided me with a superior education – Mildred Embrey who assigned the 4th grade Virginia history scrapbook, David Crist who patiently taught Algebra, Larry Carter who instilled a love a reading, David Lawrence who taught Chemistry every second of every block, Charles Carter who against our grumblings taught sentence diagramming so that my Master’s thesis required zero edits, and Becky Gore who taught students Earth Science for two consecutive years providing memorable field trips to Old Rag and the UVA Observatory. Madison teachers were and are a superior loving team of professionals who truly make a difference every day. – Tina Weaver, Director of Teaching & Learning

thanksgiving-2016-3I am thankful that I have career that has allowed me to have a good life, working with many wonderful people over the year, and best part is that I get to see what wonderful people my former students have become. – Jayne Penn Hollar, MCHS Instructional Coach

thanksgiving-2016-17I am thankful for my beautiful family and great staff that has allowed my transition to principal at WMS to be as simple as possible.  The faculty has been very supportive as I have grown into my new role over the last few months.  Thank you to everyone that has offered assistance and been willing to take on new responsibilities this year to ensure our reputation for going above and beyond for our students continues. – Donald Dodson, Wetsel Principal

thanksgiving-2016-10I am grateful for the love and support of my family, for all of the amazing people I work with every day, and many I have had the opportunity to work with in the past. – Jen Rehm, Waverly Instructional Coach

thanksgiving-2016-4I am thankful for EVERYONE at Waverly Yowell!  They have supported me as I transitioned to Waverly Yowell.  I am very grateful to Mike Coiner and Joe Kubricki for being mentors throughout my change to administration.  They are very supportive and positive leaders!  Of course, I’m grateful for my family who are always there for me as well. – Jackie Ovalle, Waverly Assistant Principal

thanksgiving-2016-1I am thankful for being in Madison County, and to be working with such a caring and collaborative group of colleagues. What began for me as an interim position, has become something more like my destiny. –Mike Coiner, Primary Principal

thanksgiving-2016-3I’m thankful for everyone here at MPS. I genuinely feel like a member of a tight-knit family. It’s a welcome feeling walking through the front doors every morning and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. *I’m also thankful for all the food people have given me today. – Jessi Almas, Primary Instructional Coach

thanksgiving-2016-1I am thankful for my family and working with such wonderful, caring people each day. Madison is a special place, and I feel blessed that I have spent my entire professional career here. –Joe Kubricki, Waverly Principal

thanksgiving-2016-4I give thanks for my wonderful family and friends. I am thankful for co-workers who meet challenges with positivity and strive to give all our kids the best possible education and experience day in, day out. Enjoy and relax, friends! – Jared Morris, Wetsel Instructional Coach

thanksgiving-2016-1I am thankful and honored to work with  the great staff at the School Board Office and the staff at each of our schools.  We are a great team that does great things for our Madison students. –Tina Cropp, Director of Finance

thanksgiving-2016-5I am thankful for my family and friends and that I work with such a great staff in Madison. – Jason Allison, MCHS Assistant Principal

thanksgiving-2016-7I am thankful for this holiday.  This time of year provides us all with the opportunity to slow down and think about the things in our lives that truly matter.  At this time of year, I marvel at the blessings that have come to me.  I have a loving and supporting family, friends that I can laugh with, colleagues that challenge and inspire me, and a community that entrusts us with their most precious possession, their children. –Gary Wintersgill, MCHS Principal

Did you Know?

Career & Technical Education.   Did you know that the Career and Technical Education Department at the high school is working to transform classrooms into a simulated workplace?

First Thanksgiving.  Did you know that Williamsburg, Virginia claims the first Thanksgiving in 1619 near what is now the Berkley Plantation – a good two years before the 1621 event at Plymouth, Massachusetts?

School Board Member.  Did you know that School Board member Doreen Jenkins is in her 4th elected term in office – longer than any elected official in Madison?  She began in 2002.

Junior Beta Club.  Did you know that WMS has a Junior Beta Club with over 20 members.  These student exemplify leadership, responsibility, and character as well as carry a 3.6 G.P.A.

Thanksgiving Feast. Did you know that the Madison Primary School cafeteria served 544 guests last Tuesday?



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