MPS Students Enjoy Musical History Lesson with Curtis Blues

Students and Staff Listening to Curtis Blues

Students and Staff Listening to Curtis Blues

On Monday, March 20, Curtis Blues with Young Audiences of Virginia presented “The Multicultural Roots of Rock and Rap” to pre-k-2nd graders at MPS.  The Multicultural Roots of Rock and Rap American popular music has roots in many different cultures.  The American banjo comes from Mali, Africa; the guitar comes from Spain; and, many percussion rhythms can be traced to Latin influences from Cuba and South America.

Multi-instrumentalist Curtis Blues brings history to life by performing with musical instruments from all over the world in this interactive assembly show.  Students learned how different cultures approached building instruments from their unique environments and how their choices still influence the music we listen to today.

Grades: K-5, 6-8, 9-12  SOL Highlights: History: Community, Neighbor, Slavery, Post Civil War, Civics, Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights, West Africa, VS: Compare and Contrast, USII.4-8: Pre-Post WWII, Great Migration North Music: Music Theory, Rhythmic Patterns, Improvisation, Call & Response, Sung Pitches, Music History, Jazz, Polyrhythm.

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