• Dear Parent or Legal Guardian:

    Madison County High School is pleased to announce that students can take the Virginia DMV learner’s permit test online at the school. Students will be eligible to test if they are 15 years 6 months or older on the following date:

    Steps to complete the process:

    • Register for this test event at https://www.vadmvexam.com
    • A customer number is not required, but if you have a DMV ID card you must enter the name, DOB and customer number exactly as it appears on your DMV ID card. Otherwise, enter your full legal name and date of birth and leave the customer number field blank.
    • Please provide a parent or student’s email to receive registration confirmation, test results, notification of changes to the date and time or cancellation of the test event.
    • Before taking the two part knowledge test, please STUDY the Driver’s Manual located on DMV’s web site using the following link: http://www.dmv.virginia.gov/drivers/#manual.html.

    On the test date please bring:

    • Completed, and signed DTS 41 consent form. The form is available at http://www.dmvnow.com/webdoc/pdf/dts41.pdf or from the driver education teacher.
    • A picture ID to verify identity. If the student does not have a picture ID, take a picture, write the student’s full legal name under the picture, and have a teacher sign to verify the student’s identity.
    • The student will be issued a test receipt after passing the learner’s permit test. Take this receipt to DMV to apply for the the learner’s permit and to expedite the application process within 6 months or a retest is required.

    At the DMV customer service center:

    If you have any questions with the process, please contact DMV by phone at (804) 497-7100.


    Madison County Public Schools

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