Sexual Harassment

  • What is Sexual Harassment
    In very simple terms, Sexual Harassment is unwelcome sexual behavior that makes a student feel uncomfortable or unsafe!

    Sexual Harassment can be Physical

    * Blocking someone’s way, or Standing too close
    * Bumping into someone or brushing against another person on purpose
    * Patting, Hugging, or Kissing
    * Grabbing, Touching or Pinching

    Sexual Harassment can be Verbal

    * Threats, or insults
    * Comments about a person’s body
    * Sexual jokes, remarks, stories or rumors
    * Notes, letters or graffiti
    * Whistles or rude noises

    Sexual Harassment can be Nonverbal

    * Staring at a persons body
    * Sexual pictures or drawings
    * Mimicking in an insulting way
    * Gestures or looks, winking, licking lips or suggestive body movements

    The Basic Rule is: it’s probably sexual harassment if the person feels uncomfortable or threatened. It does not matter what the harasser intended!!!!!!

    Effects of Sexual Harassment on the Victim:
    Lose self-respect or a feeling of power or control in their lives
    Get sick more often or miss days of school
    Feel unsafe
    Avoid certain classes, activities or people
    Get lower grades because it’s hard to concentrate or get work done in class
    What can you do about sexual harassment?
    You must take action! Don’t just sit there and let harassment happen…
    Tell the harasser to stop
    Talk to friends
    Write down what happened (time, date, who saw what happened, etc)
    Avoid being alone with the harasser
    Talk to an adult you trust
    Consider filing a complaint-this will remain confidential to the extent that we can.

    If you see another student being sexually harassed...
    Help the person get out of the situation safely
    Make your feelings clear
    NEVER join the harasser

    Are you harassing someone? Here are some questions to ask yourself:
    Am I making the person uncomfortable?
    Would I do the same things in front of a parent, a teacher, or others I respect?
    Would it be OK if someone did the same thing to my sister or brother?