• MAKE REMINDERS: Use separate notebooks/binders for each class. Write the name and room number for each class. Also write the teachers name and what time your class is. Please remember to write your own name in the notebook/binder too.

    USE YOUR AGENDA! Use this to keep track of your assignments and when they are due. Take it to every class. Write down when you have tests also.

    BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR ASSIGNMENTS! If you have a questions about something for class make sure you ask, it is likely that other students may have the same question.

    KEEP YOUR LOCKER NEAT! A messy locker can slow you down and make you late for class. Stopping to talk to friends at your locker can also make you late for class.

    MAKE TIME FOR HOMEWORK! Set up a time each day to do your homework. Find a quiet place to work and get everything you need before you start your homework so you don’t have to stop to look for things (such as calculator, colored pencils, etc). Don’t take phone calls from friends during your homework time (have someone take a message and call them back later).


    PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE! Check your agenda and make sure you have completed all assignments due the next day. Pack your book bag after you finish with your homework, so everything is ready to go the next day. Get your clothes ready before you go to bed.