Starting Middle School

  • Things that you may be concerned about
    The Building: finding your way around to different classes, lunch, etc

    The Lockers: being able to open it

    The Classes: finding where each of them are and remembering it

    The Teachers: you will now have at least 4 different teachers

    Homework: you will have homework for each of your classes, it may count more toward your grade, and it may be harder

    Friends: you may or may not have classes with your friends (you may have one or two classes with friends)

    Tips for helping with those concerns
    The Building: visit the school and become familiar with it (as a 5th grader you will come over to the middle school as a group and have a tour of the school, along with having a chance to ask questions)

    The Lockers: buy a combination lock from the dollar store or walmart, etc and practice using the combination to become familiar with them (the combination locks are the same thing as on the lockers) and make sure to keep them clean!

    The Classes: in August you will receive a copy of your schedule, my suggestion to you would be to come in, after you have received your schedule, and become familiar with where your classrooms are

    The Teachers: on back to school night, come in with your parents and walk around and meet each of your new teachers (this will relieve some of your worry)

    Homework: use your agenda (that you can purchase on back to school night), make sure you write down assignments and check in with teachers to make sure you have everything written down

    Friends: you may not have classes with some or all of your friends but this gives you an opportunity to make some new ones so be open to making new friends, smiling and saying hello is a good way to start