School Counseling Program Initiative

  • Waverly Yowell Elementary School has a comprehensive School Counseling program that is aligned with Virginia and National School Counseling standards.     

    1.    Our School Counselor, Mrs. Keys, teaches monthly school counseling lessons incorporating the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success.

    2.    This year’s School Counseling theme is the schoolwide VTSS theme:  Be A S.T.A.R.  This theme will incorporate teaching the “Growth Mindset” school wide, strengthening what students learned last year about strengths, not yets and perseverance.

    3.    Incorporating a “Shine like a S.T.A.R.” theme, students will be taught that each of us has personal strengths and weaknesses.  With practice, grit, and perseverance students can strengthen their weaknesses (growth mindset) and truly shine!

    4.    Students will be recognized each 9 weeks, based on displaying our school wide expectations.

    5.    Throughout the school year special weeks are set aside to practice and strengthen specific character education themes.  They are as follows:

    Red Ribbon Week focuses on making good choices and leading a healthy lifestyle Oct. 30-Nov. 3.

    Acts of Kindness Week is a national initiative focusing on practicing acts of kindness for others and is celebrated Feb. 12-16.