Statements of Qualifications are invited for General Contracting Services for the Renovation of Madison Primary School in Madison, VA. The project generally consists of significant renovations to include hazardous materials abatement, interior demolition, security and accessibility upgrades, interior renovations, replacement of HVAC systems, lighting, electrical power, plumbing, fire protection, security and low voltage systems, and windows. The project is anticipated to bid in December 2019 with award in early 2020 and actual construction to commence in June 2020 and reach substantial completion by July 2021. Madison Primary School will be un-occupied throughout the duration of construction.

    Statements of Qualifications will be received at Madison County Public Schools, Attention: Ms. Tina Weaver, Director of Administration, 60 School Board Court, Madison, VA 22727. The deadline for submitting statements of qualification is 2:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, on November 15, 2019. Statements of Qualifications must be submitted in an envelope clearly marked with the following information:

    Renovation of Madison Primary School Madison, Virginia Statement of Qualification for General Contracting Services Attention: Ms. Tina Weaver, Director of Administration

    One (1) clearly marked original & five (5) copies of the statement of qualification and supporting documentation is required.

    A pre-RFQ submittal conference will not be held. Any questions should be addressed to Curtis Elswick, Skanska USA Building Inc. at (540) 423-2860 or curtis.elswick@skanska.com. Any clarifications, or changes made to this package shall not be valid unless included in an Addendum. Addenda will be sent to those Contractors whom are listed with Madison County Public Schools for a Prequalification package. Each Contractor shall ascertain from Madison County Public Schools prior to submitting its Statement of Qualifications, that it has received all Addenda issued, and shall acknowledge its receipt of same in the Application.

    A copy of the Contractor’s Statement of Qualifications form, Attachment One – Qualifications Criteria, and Attachment Two - Prequalification Process for Construction Projects can be downloaded below.

    Contractors shall be prequalified without regard to race, religion, color, sex, and national origin or disability.