• Madison County Public Schools are offering hotspots to families in need. At this time, we do have a limited quantity, so please submit a tech request if your family needs one. Please keep the following in mind with hotspot devices:

    • Hotspots work off of cell phone towers. MCPS purchased primarily through Verizon. This means, Verizon cell service must be available in order for the hotspot to work. If you don't have cell service at home, you may need to drive to get more coverage.
    • If your MCPS device connects to the hotspot, but you are not able to pull network data, it's likely you don't have service in that location.
    • Just like the MCPS devices, the user of the hotspot is responsible for it to be returned to the schools in the condition it was in when provided.
    • If you no longer need your provided hotspot, please return it to the building your child is registered to.
    • If you're having trouble with your hotspot, please contact your school.