Student Supply List

  • July 1, 2017
    Dear Parents and Guardians:
    The staff of Madison County High School is excited for the 2016-2017 school year to begin. As we get ready for school to start we know that you and your students are also getting ready. Back-to-School shopping is an important part of preparing for the school year and we know that many parents wish to take advantage of the Sales Tax Holiday, which will be from Friday, August 4 through Sunday, August 6 (more information can be found at ).
    Due to the diverse nature of the high school curriculum each instructor has different supply needs depending on the course being taught. High school students will get a detailed list of their supply needs from each of their teachers within the first week of school. While this notice will not occur until after the Tax Holiday students are encouraged to purchase any basic school supplies that they feel they may need. These supplies include:
     - Three-ring binders (2-inch binders are standard)
     - Filler paper
     - Pens and Pencils
     - Graph Paper
     - Pocket Portfolios
     - Spiral or Composition Notebooks
     - Calculator (the school does supply graphing calculators, but students may wish to purchase a graphing calculator for doing work at home. We recommend the Casio 9750GIIWE for Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Math. For Algebra II, Pre-calculus, and Calculus we recommend the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus) 4-Pack of AAA batteries for students taking math classes

     - Backpack
    Any questions should be directed to Ms. Alexander, Assistant Principal, at 540-948-3785 or
    MCHS Teachers and Staff