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Cookie Collection Fundraiser

February 4th kicked off our current PTO fundraiser, offering a delicious variety of gourmet cookie dough.  The funds raised by this two-week fundraiser will go towards student field trips and our field day!  Our school goal is to raise $8,000.00 and we NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  If every student sells at least 7 items we will meet our goal.  Not to mention, all the great prizes involved, including backpack collectables, limousine ride with pizza lunch, cash for so many items sold, and a principal human sundae!

A few notes:  This is a money up front program, so when taking orders, please make sure to collect the money at the time of the order.  We will accept cash or personal checks made out to WYES PTO. 

Order forms must be turned in by February 18th. 

Orders will be delivered to the school 3-4 weeks after this date.

Packets were sent home in on Tuesday, February 4th.  Please look out for these in your child's bookbag.

And as always, thank you for your support!!!