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Information about free lunches

The following is information about where to find free lunches and/or breakfast in the Madison community while schools are on a mandatory shutdown.  

Madison County Schools: Madison will be providing meals to all students.  These will be for the entire week and pick up only.  Pick up dates and times are Wednesday, March 18th and Tuesday, March 24th from 5:30-6:30 pm.  Pick up is at the loading dock past the cafetera of the high school.  Please click HERE to view PDF document for more information.

Catch the Chef:  Anyone who may be facing financial hardship with school closures are free to follow our schedule and will be provided a FREE lunch for your children.  NO QUESTIONS asked.

Piedmont Deli:  If you are experiencing financial hardships with school closures, we are prepared to provide bagged lunches to children free of charge.  It will consist of a small ham and cheese sub (mayo/mustard packet), an orange, crackers, and a juice pouch.  You can simply walk in or call ahead and just request a "kids lunch" - no questions asked.  Also, out of an abundance of caution, these meals will be take out only.

Over the Top Chef: Over the Top Chef will provide free lunches to all kids until school goes back in session.  No kid should ever go without a bite to eat!  Any families that come to get free lunch for their children will also receive 10% off of their entire bill if you choose to dine with us.