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WYES Cares Week

Celebrate WYES CARES week! 

Not only will we be having a spirit week, but the WYES student council will be collecting donations for the Madison Animal Shelter. 

See more information below:


Monday, March 28th: WYES Cares About Our Custodians

Superhero Monday–Wear your favorite superhero shirt or gear!  No masks covering your entire face. 

Tuesday, March 29th: WYES Cares About Our Bus Drivers

Travel Tuesday–Dress like a tourist on vacation! 

Wednesday, March 30th: WYES Cares About Our Classmates

Wellness Wednesday–Wear your pajamas or your comfy clothes.  Make sure to have a pair of sneakers for outside! 

Thursday, March 31st: WYES Cares about Our Cafeteria Staff

Brighten Our Day–Wear your tie-dye or neon colors!

Friday, April 1st: WYES Cares About Our Office Staff 

Hall of Fame Friday–Dress in your favorite sports jersey or gear! 


WYES Cares About Our Community

The WYES SCA will be collecting items for the Madison County Animal Shelter during the week of March 28th. 

Donations Needed: 

  • Cat & dog food: wet food, unopened dry food, kitten chow.
  • Dog treats.
  • Cleaning supplies are needed but can be donated directly to the shelter.