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40+ Years of Service To Be Memorialized in School Board Office Starting With Instructional Assistant LaVerne Shotwell

School employees with four decades or more of service will be remembered for perpetuity.  Beginning this year, any retiree with 40 or more years of service will be remembered at the School Board Office with a picture of retiree placed on a special wall.

Laverne Shotwell who retired with 40 years service inspired Dr. Eberhardt who said,  “Mrs. Shotwell has always held a special place in my heart and so many others.  I should have started this years ago,” Eberhardt said Monday evening, “As we celebrated tonight our retirees, I thought to myself how extraordinary it is in Virginia and our nation to have an employee who serves children and families for over four decades. This doesn’t happen in many places.  And, these special people should be remembered!  While Mrs. Shotwell’s service inspired this special wall honoring 40+ years experience, I hope there are others we might acknowledge, too.  We want to celebrate everyone!”

MCPS will place on this dedicated wall at the School Board Office a picture of a retired MCPS employee with 40 or more years experience.  Contact Assistant to the Superintendent Liz Patterson at the School Board Office for more information.

Superintendent Matt Eberhardt and 40 Year MCPS Teaching Assistant LaVerne Shotwell