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MCPS Convocation Ceremony


Madison County Public Schools welcomed back our teachers and staff at the Convocation Ceremony on August 8, 2017. We honored our employees for years of service and invited a dynamic motivational speaker, Denise Ryan to get everyone energized for the new school year!

Dr. Eberhardt & Mr. Blincoe 40 Years of Service 

Harold Blincoe


30 years of service group photo 30 Years of Service

Moe Weaver and Joan Cook

25 years of service group photo

25 Years of Service

Jeannette Michels 

(not pictured: Mike Sacra)

20 years of service group photo 20 Years of Service

Janine Rowson, Cathy Weaver, Mike Coiner, Karen Rice and Joyce Lindsay

15 years of service group photo 15 Years of Service

Jeff Tilbe, Jeanne Kersteins, Nicole Keys, Jeannette Alexander, Beth Dickey, Shannon Johnston, Elizabeth Lane, Doug Farnam, Shanna Kline,Holly Mack

(not pictured: Laurie Morris, Tinsley Roebuck)


10 years of service group photo 10 Years of Service

Jared Morris, Jennifer Waldera, Kenneth Rublee, Bonnie Lange, David Matchen, Karen Teal, Misty Kolb, Katie Walker

(not pictured: Amanda Campbell, Renda Dunnivan)

5 years of service group photo 5 Years of Service

Rob Brock, Mary Artle, Kimberly Grant, Lucinda Carter, Alice Hoffman, Tyrone Banks, Claire Keith, Delois Barrett, Patty Smith, Brenda Banks,Heather Thompson

(not pictured: Marissa Basile, Josh Clatterbuck, Danny Jasper, Lee Hill)

Photo of Cathy Jones, Denise Ryan and Dr. Eberhardt

Enjoyed having nationally renowned speaker Denise Ryan as our Convocation special guest this year! 

Pictured:  Assistant Superintendent Cathy Jones, Denise Ryan and Superintendent Dr. Matt Eberhardt