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School Accreditation

All Madison County schools are accredited.  Both Wetsel Middle School and Madison County High School are fully accredited.  Waverly Yowell Elementary School is partially accredited based on significant improvement in SOL test scores given in the 2016-2017 school year.  English scores improved 5 points from 67% the previous year to 72%.  Science scores improved 15 points from 69% to 84%.

While Madison Primary School does not give state standardized tests, its accreditation follows Waverly Yowell Elementary School.

Of the Virginia schools dealing with accreditation issues in 2016-2017, only three divisions (with four schools) showed enough improvement to merit partial accreditation.  Madison County* was one of those three divisions with two schools: Waverly Yowell Elementary  School and Madison Primary School. 

“It took considerable effort by our teachers and administrators to realize this level of improvement in student achievement,” said Superintendent Eberhardt. “The state congratulated us for our improvement and efforts noting Madison was one of few.”

“While early in the school year, fall 2017 assessments of student achievement to-date are substantially above student fall of 2016 scores.  This indicates that our elementary and primary schools will be fully accredited next year.”

School Quality Profiles can be found on the Virginia Department of Education website HERE.

*Please see Virginia Department of Education website: