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2018 Teaching, Learning and Caring Awards

Mariss Spurlock, MCPS Teacher of the Year

Pictured above: Marissa Spurlock, MCPS 2018 Teacher of the Year  

On Monday, May 14, 2018, Madison County Public Schools celebrated the annual Teaching, Learning and Caring Awards.  These awards honor our outstanding teachers and staff members who have made a difference and greatly impacted the lives of our students.

This year's nominees and recipients in each category are listed below:

Caring - Madison Primary School

Nominees: Patty Butterworth, Beth Dickey, Karen Organ-Lohr, Janice Sekely

Recipient: Patty Butterworth


Caring - Waverly Yowell Elementary

Nominees: Lila Azhari-Harris, Nicole Keys, Marty Ward

Recipient: Nicole Keys


Caring- Wetsel Middle School

Nominees: Mary Beth Artale, Liz Ford, Emma Taylor

 Recipient: Liz Ford


Caring - Madison County High School

Nominees: Torie Knighton, Krista Tanner, Beth Wilson

Recipient: Torie Knighton


Learning - Madison Primary School

Nominees: Martha Clements, Beth Dickey, Wynee Jenkins

Recipient: Wynee Jenkins


Learning - Waverly Yowell Elementary

Nominees: Kim Grant, Jen Rehm, Jeff Tilbe, Monica Weaver

Recipient: Monica Weaver


Learning - Wetsel Middle School

Nominees: Devin Milbourne, Matt Resnick, BB Slaven

Recipient: Matt Resnick


Learning - Madison County High School

Nominees: Mark Arrington, Thomas Benns, Rebecca Lavoie, David Matchen, Gail Temple

Recipient: Rebecca Lavoie


Teaching - Madison Primary School

Nominees: Martha Clements, Holly Mack, Jeannette Michels

Recipient: Holly Mack


Teaching - Waverly Yowell Elementary

Nominees: Ali Allamon, Rebecca Bader, Brenda Lyddane

Recipient: Ali Allamon


Teaching - Wetsel Middle School

Nominees: Kim Adams, Liz Ford, Misty Kolb, Kellie Mason, Patti Rees, Matt Resnick, Marissa Spurlock

Recipient: Marissa Spurlock


Teaching - Madison County High School

Nominees: Mary Davis, Lori Mack, David Matchen

Recipient: David Matchen


2018 Teacher of the Year

Marissa Spurlock