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MCPS textbook adoption process

Parents of Students in Grades 6-12 -

We are in the process of adopting a new math book series for grades 6-12. We have narrowed our search down to our top four choices: Big Ideas Math, Envision, Go Math!, and McGraw Hill. We would like to extend an invitation, to all who may be interested, to view the different programs’ materials and give feedback. 

The first opportunity to review the components will be on Thursday, October 25, from 1:00-7:00. The materials will be located in the main entrance of Wetsel Middle School and in the Madison County High School Conference Room during Parent Teacher Conferences. The second opportunity will be on Friday, October 26, from 12:00-3:00.

The School Board welcomes your feedback on the textbooks during public comment at their regularly scheduled Board meeting on November 12th

The school offices will let you know the location of the materials upon your arrival. 

We appreciate your support, feedback, and interest in the success of all of our students.