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Greene-Madison Retired Teachers Association

Membership in the Greene-Madison Retired Teachers organization is open to any community member retired from the field of education in any capacity that served Greene or Madison County, or a retired educator who now resides in Greene or Madison County. Annual dues are $20, with fund raising activities held as needed to support the scholarship program. This program gives scholarships annually to support recipients in Greene and Madison Counties who plan to become teachers.

The organization currently meets three times a year and encourages participation in: the Virginia Retired Teachers Association by attending conventions, fundraising opportunities (to fund annual scholarships), and volunteer opportunities in Madison County Schools.

Current officers are: 

      Frank King, President (Cavalier Driving School - 540-948-3702)

      Joyce Gentry, Vice President

     Charles Carter, Treasurer

      Donna L. Yowell, Secretary (email:

Please contact Frank King or Donna Yowell for more information about the organization or to make requests for volunteer resources of which the retired teachers may avail themselves.