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2019-2020 Teacher of the Year

2019-2020 Teacher of the Year

Kellie Mason

Ms. Kellie Mason

Comments from Principal Donald Dodson:

"Ms. Mason is an 8th grade teacher and head of the English department at WMS. Ms. Mason played a lead role in facilitating our new writing initiative to ensure vertical alignment within our grade levels and implementation into the established curriculum. During classroom visits, Ms. Mason demonstrated an advanced understanding of her student’s needs using small group learning, multiple modalities, and other differentiated instructional practices to provide an opportunity for all of her students to succeed. Her commitment and passion for education is only overshadowed by her characteristics as a person. Ms. Mason is adored by her students for her thoughtful and supportive approach to learning. Our community could not ask for a more devoted, caring, educator to guide our children into adulthood. Your enthusiasm and guidance for our young mountaineers is truly commendable. WMS is proud to select Ms. Kellie Mason as for our Teaching Award."


Comments from Superintendent Anna Graham:

"The 2020 Teacher of the Year is dedicated to her students and her school community. She is an excellent classroom teacher who not only works hard during the day, but also spends time outside of school researching and learning how to make her instruction even better for her students and other students in the building and the division. As the middle school English department chair she has worked through the implementation of the intervention system to support struggling readers and a more comprehensive writing program for all middle schoolers. I would like to introduce our 2020 Teacher of the Year: Ms. Kellie Mason."