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Young Changemakers of NorthSouth

Vishana Baskaran with the Young ChangeMakers of the North South Foundation, provided a total of 50 donated Chromebooks for MCPS students. A member of the newly formed Young ChangeMakers of NorthSouth Foundation, Baskaran worked with other members of Swift International and Madison County Public Schools on an initiative to give devices to school communities in rural areas to close the gap in technology shortcomings.


Chromebook Donation

(Left to Right): Cathy Jones (MCPS Assistant Superintendent), Anna Graham (MCPS Superintendent), Vishana Baskaran (9th Grader at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Loudon, Udaya can provide more info on her AMAZING story), Sam Utz (MCPS Director of Technology), Caytlin Backe (Swift International), Udaya Periyasamy (Swift International and NorthSouth Foundation), Evan Tucker (Swift International and MCPS alum '09).