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Mountaineer Mentorship Program 2022-2023

The Mountaineer Mentorship Program will begin the 2022/2023 school year. The focus is on all Madison County High School students to spread positivity and ultimately better the school community. This will be strictly voluntary unless it is placed upon a student by administration. Mentors & mentees will be placed together based on personality and how they may fit together as a pair.

Ultimately, the program’s focus is to spread positivity and better the school environment. Mentors will be the most responsible within this program for they will initiate contact, either in person or online. A minimum of 2 times a month, mentors will have to contact the mentee and check on classes, mental health, physical health, how they are meeting expectations, and ultimately, behavior.

There will be an agreement between mentor and mentee, signed at the start of the program,  to maintain within the program guidelines and spread nothing but positivity throughout the year(s).Conversations can be as long or as short as wanted, although it’s recommended that the shorter the conversation the more conversations you have. Also, in-person meetings may include having lunch, walking down the hallway together, and meetings after or out of school. These choices and forms of meeting will be based solely on the mentor and mentee agreement. Likewise, if there are any issues or concerns, the administration or trusted leaders will be contacted. 

For those students who are interested in being a mentee, they must complete the Mentee Sign Up form below. Mentee’s will then be paired with a Mentor at the beginning of the school year. 

For those students who are interested in being a mentor, they must complete the Mentor Sign Up Form below, and have two teachers submit a letter of recommendation to the MCHS’ School Counseling Office on their behalf.


Mentors will be tasked with an application process. In order to successfully complete and pass the process, one must be responsible, trustworthy, admirable, and suitable for a leadership position. 

Mountaineer Mentor Application


Mentees are any/all students interested in having a hand up for the upcoming high school years. They may receive help with stress management, life skills, behavior, proper expectations, and even class loads. 

Mentee SignUp Form