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December event for high school girls interested in electric coop careers

Flyer for area electric cooperatives for an event for high school girls

Are you a Madison County High School girl interested in an electric cooperative career? Check out the above flyer or read below for more information on an upcoming event geared toward cooperative careers.

From the flyer:

Connecting more women with the energy industry has been an industry-wide goal over the past few years. One particular area of focus is centered around line work. While we continue to see more women take on roles in the field, attracting them to the responsibilities and teamwork of a line crew remains a challenge. These types of operations roles can often lead to a variety of leadership opportunities within an organization.

The electric cooperatives of Virginia, Maryland & Delaware will again host a one-day energy career experience for high school girls interested or curious about working on a line crew, in a substation, with advanced metering technology or as a fiber broadband technician. Instructors will lead students through various activities in the classroom and outdoors at a state-of-the-art training facility in Palmyra, Va.

Campers will learn about safety on the job, including how to safely climb a utility pole and operate a bucket truck. Students will also individually meet with industry human resources professionals to review their resumes and discuss interviewing best practices. Other representatives will be available to answer questions about career paths and workplace culture.

Interested? Contact your local electric cooperative or visit

When? December 2

Where? Electric Cooperative Training Center in Palmyra, Va.