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    What do admissions officers consider?

    When looking at college applicants, admissions officers consider:

    Courses taken in high school — If you take challenging courses, you will be considered better prepared for college than students who take the easier route through high school.

    Grades — Your grade point average and class standing is important to admissions officers.

    College entrance exam scores — Colleges use your scores to determine your readiness for college academics and which courses you are prepared to take during your freshman year. (SAT or ACT)

    Extracurricular activities — Are you involved in high school activities or in the community, and will you be involved on campus? Students who are involved in campus activities are more likely to remain in college and thrive on campus.

    College essay — Some colleges require essays and use them to judge writing skills and to learn more about you as an individual.

    Interview — If required, it is important for you to present yourself as someone who is bright, articulate, and interested in being involved in the school. Be honest about yourself and let them see the real you.

    Whether the college is the right fit for you — Will you like the lifestyle of the particular campus? Will you fit in with fellow classmates? Does the campus have activities that match your interests?


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