Pre-K Student Supply List

  •                                                                                                    2022-2023 Preschool Supply List                                                                                                                               

    1 regular sized backpack. (No tiny ones/ no wheels)

    Lunchbox or snack bag.

    1 change of clothing (to keep at school- please put in Ziploc bag and label with child’s name)

    1 single subject spiral notebook (any color)

    1 Crayola Washable Watercolor Paint Set

    1 Crayola Washable Classic Color Markers

    1 box of sandwich size zip-lock bags (girls only)

    1 box of gallon size zip lock-bags (boys only)

    1 package of baby wipes

    1 pair of earbuds/ headphones

    6 Elmer’s school glue sticks

    1 bottle Elmer’s School Liquid Glue

    1 box of tissues

    1 Crayola 8 count large crayons

    *Please label the backpack, headphones and lunchbox with your child’s name.