Meals Plus & Online Payment

  • Madison County Public Schools is proud to partner with Meals Plus, a electronic point-of-sale system for all 4 of our school cafeterias. Meals Plus provides the software and server system to allow our food service staff to feed our children lunch and breakfast each day.

    How It Works
    Students are issued an ID number that will be theirs until they graduate. The number is keyed in by the student as they go through the line and account information is then received and updated daily. When the number is keyed in, the student’s school picture is displayed to insure the ID matches the student purchasing a meal or item. If a parent is curious of what their child is purchasing, the cafeteria manager can print a participant report showing exactly what the student is purchasing.

    To learn more about Meals Plus, please visit their website here.

    Make online payments via K12 Payment Center.