• Transitioning to a New School

    Whether your child is moving on up to 3rd grade at WYES, moving from a new school, or starting a new chapter at WMS there are things you can do to help your child prepare.

    1. Be positive. Help your child see the positives in their new school.

    2. Address your child’s fears. If your child expresses concerns take the time to listen and hear what they are saying.

    3. Prepare for changes. During times of change it is very important to maintain (or if you don’t already, start) a regular schedule at home.

    4. Take a tour of the new school, attend back to school nights and other community events at the school.

    5. Consider obtaining resources to learn more about helping the transition.

    6. Help with homework. Help your child to get organized, this is a skill that can be developed in children by teaching good habits.

    7. Give your child independence. As your child continues to grow they will become more and more independent, this is a good thing-it means they are growing up!