• The Madison County School Board does not require current or prospective employees to disclose the username or password to the employee’s personal social media accounts or to add an employee, supervisor or administrator to the list of contacts associated with the employee’s personal social media account.

    If the School Board or a School Board employee inadvertently receives an employee's username and password to, or other login information associated with, the employee's personal social media account through the use of an electronic device provided to the employee by the School Board or a program that monitors the School Board's network, the Board will not be liable for having the information but will not use the information to gain access to the employee's social media account.

    This policy does not prohibit the School Board and its agents from viewing information about a current or prospective employee that is publicly available.

    This policy does not prohibit the School Board from requesting an employee to disclose the employee’s username and password for the purpose of accessing a personal social media account if the employee's social media account activity is reasonably believed to be relevant to a formal investigation or related proceeding by the Board of allegations of an employee's violation of federal, state or local laws or regulations or of the Board's written policies. If the Board exercises its rights under this paragraph, the employee's username and password will only be used for the purpose of the formal investigation or a related proceeding.