Title I

  • Title I is a federally-funded program that helps schools provide assistance to students who may need additional help in meeting success at school. Madison Primary and Waverly Yowell Elementary are school-wide Title I schools.

    Title I Teachers and Staff

    Jessi Almas, Instructional Coach

    Jen Rehm, Instructional Coach

    Jennifer Waldera, Reading Specialist

    Monica Weaver, Reading Specialist

    How Can Parents Help Their Children Succeed?

    • Read to and with your child every day
    • Make stories come alive for your child when you read. Be animated and use different voices
    • Listen to your child read to you
    • Be patient—let your child read aloud at his or her own pace. Offer help only when needed.
    • Discuss what you read together. Ask questions, and listen attentively to your child’s answers.
    • Make reading time special. Cuddle up in a quiet, comfortable spot. Your child will associate reading with feeling secure, relaxed and loved.
    • Talk with your child’s teachers monthly. Attend conferences with your child’s teacher.
    • Visit your child’s school.
    • Visit your child’s classroom.
    • Help your child use words to describe what he/she sees, thinks and feels. Listen and respond to what they say.
    • Help your child use writing at home. Encourage them to write notes to others, letters and cards, stories, shopping lists, and messages. Help your child write about pictures they draw.
    • Show off your children’s writing by putting it up with tape or magnets.
    • Take your child to the public library. Get a library card (it’s free!).

    Parent Advisory Committee

    The Title I Parent Advisory Committee will meet once each school year. The committee will provide a forum for parents to assist in the planning, review, and improvement of the school plan. They discuss ways to improve student achievement as well as improve parent and community involvement.

    Parent Right to Know

    Parents may request information on the professional qualification of their child’s classroom teacher. Information is available at the following Virginia Department of Education site: https://p1pe.doe.virginia.gov/tinfo/ or for more information, contact Griff Carmichael, Assistant Superintendent of Administration, 540-948-3780

    For more detailed information on Title I, visit: